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Summary - Modern day AU/AU. Jack is a fashion stylist and meets Ennis one night in a club...

Note - Written for the 'Valentine Love Letters' Challenge on Brokebackslash. Despite the title of this story, please don't expect anything too clever and plot heavy. There are no spies, no espionage and no secret agent tough guys in this. Simple fluff and nonsense only. And happy endings!

There will be some written 'correspondence' between the guys at some point, honest.

Warnings - none
Length - c1,000 words. Part 1 of maybe 5 or 6...
Feedback - yes please!
Thanks - to the wonderful [ profile] sandscrit for the beta and also to [ profile] red2blue for inspiring me to pick up and continue this old WIP.

The following means 'click here' in Russian :D


It was eleven thirty and the club was pumping.

Jack pushed his way to the bar through sweaty bodies gyrating to the annoyingly catchy euro-pop. It was as hot as hell and he needed water fast. Had nobody in this godforsaken place ever heard of air conditioning?

Slumping on the sticky wooden bar he managed to catch the eye of the bartender. Jack tipped his hand in the universal sign for drink, saying “water?” He guessed the bartender knew enough English to understand him, as a bottle of water was placed in front of Jack.

The bartender held up his hand, spreading his fingers. “Fifty,” he said in heavily accented English.

Jack nodded his thanks, dropping a few notes on the bar. He downed half the bottle in two thirsty swallows. His eyes travelled over the mass of dancers as he drank. At least no one could say that this country didn’t know how to party. One sniff of vodka and they all went a little crazy. Much as he loved travelling with his job, Jack was glad this trip was coming to an end and he’d soon be back in the good old US of A. Air conditioning and all.


Someone grabbed his arm and he turned to see one of the female models he had styled that day. Her dark red hair was still looking luscious and Jack gave himself a mental pat on the back.

“Jack. Come. Come dance wiz me!” She tugged at his arm again, smiling invitingly.

Jack was almost tempted, she was cute and funny, but he didn’t mix pleasure with business. No matter who it was. You never knew who you’d have to work with again one day and fashion was a fickle business. He shook his head reluctantly. “Sorry Anja, not tonight.”

She pouted sexily. “Pleez?”

Jack leaned in and kissed her cheek. “Sorry, no. I don’t dance.” Well, that wasn’t strictly true. He just didn’t dance with girls. Not often anyway.

Anja slipped away regretfully and rejoined the writhing mass of bodies on the dancefloor - women with men, women with women, men with men - no one seemed to discriminate in this club. Jack leaned back on the bar with a sigh. He raised his bottle to down another swallow of water and it was at that moment that he saw him.

It’s not like he was easy to miss. One of the few people in the room not bumping and grinding, the tall, blond man was leaning against the wall. He took a lazy drag of his cigarette and narrowed his eyes at Jack, staring through the smoke and swirling haze of the club to fix him with his dark stare.

Jack felt his heart stutter. He cleared his throat and looked away. Three seconds later he looked back and saw the guy still staring him down. Jack turned to put his empty bottle on the bar. The bartender picked it up and Jack leaned in to tap his arm. “Who’s that?” he shouted to be heard above the thumping beat, looking back over his shoulder to catch the heated gaze again.

The bartender shrugged and moved away. Great help he had been.

Jack couldn’t stand it. His curiosity, amongst other things, was piqued. He strolled across the room, as casually as he could with bodies pushing at him from all angles. He stopped a foot away from the blond guy and slouched on the wall next to him. Jack was surrounded by beautiful people every day, but this guy was just plain gorgeous. Jack’s lips brushed golden hair as he leaned in close enough to be heard. “Hi,” he said.

The blond guy said nothing, just raised his hand slightly in return.

“You come here often?” Jack blurted out, then could have kicked himself for being such a damn cliché.

The man twitched his lips and shook his head.

“No? You’re not from around here?”

He shrugged, eyes roaming over Jack’s face.

Jack’s eyes dropped to the guy’s lips, lingering on the cigarette dangling casually. “So where are you from? What’s your name?”

The guy hesitated, then dug into his pocket and pulled out a packet, offering Jack a smoke of his own.

Jack smiled. He took the offered cigarette. “Thanks. I’m Jack. I’m not from here. Just visiting. Work, you know.”

The guy nodded and flicked a lighter open.

Jack leaned in and cupped his hand around the flame to light his cigarette. He took a long drag. “Don’t you talk?”

His silent companion shrugged again, inhaled deeply then blew out smoke in a steady stream.

Then something dawned on Jack. “Or do you just not speak English?”

Dark eyes blinked at him, so Jack decided to try introductions again. He touched his hand to his chest, “Jack.” He then pointed at the man’s chest and raised an eyebrow.

The guy caught on and a smile tugged at his lips. He touched his own chest and said something unpronounceable. The only part Jack understood was the beginning, which sounded something like ‘Ennis.’

“How about I just call you Ennis, huh?” Jack stuck out his hand and Ennis grasped it tightly. Jack felt that touch all the way up his arm and down his spine to his crotch.

Jack shivered and stepped a little closer. “Want to dance?”

Ennis’ brow furrowed and Jack tugged on his hand, gesturing at the heaving dance floor. “Dance?” he repeated, rocking his hips back and forth a little.

Ennis hesitated for a moment before nodding. He dropped his cigarette and ground it out. Jack did the same. They slipped into the mass of bodies and Jack pulled Ennis close, feeling the heat radiating off him. Jack rested his forearms on Ennis’ shoulders; Ennis’ hands were light on Jack’s waist. Slowly they began to move together.

The beat of the music was throbbing through Jack’s blood and he couldn’t help but shift closer. Close enough to brush their chests together and slide a leg in between Ennis’. Close enough to hear Ennis’ breath hitch and feel his hardness against his hip. Ennis’ hands inched lower over Jack’s ass and pulled their groins flush together. Jack’s heart was racing. He turned his head, nuzzling into Ennis’ neck to smother a moan. Their movements slowed down until they weren’t really dancing any more. They were practically humping each other in the middle of the club. When Jack felt Ennis’ fingers tug his t-shirt loose and stroke up against the bare skin of his lower back, he knew he couldn’t stand this any longer. He wanted more, and he didn’t really want to do it with an audience.

Jack pulled away slightly. Ennis’ eyes were glowing almost black in the sultry light. Ennis slowly licked his lower lip and Jack nearly devoured him on the spot. He was so turned on he felt like his whole body was vibrating. Ennis angled his head towards the back of the room and Jack nodded eagerly. Anywhere. He’d go anywhere with this guy right now.

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