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Summary - Modern day AU/AU. Jack is a fashion stylist and meets Ennis one night in a club.

Length - c1,000 words. Part 2 of maybe 5 or 6...
Feedback - yes please!
Thanks - to the wonderful and talented [ profile] sandscrit for the beta.

Part 1 left the boys in the club, about to head off into a dark and shady corner...

The following means 'click here' in Russian :D


Ennis’ hand slid down Jack’s arm to grasp his wrist and he tugged Jack off the dance floor.

Jack had no idea where he was going. He could barely see, let alone think straight. The first sensation he was aware of was being shoved up against a sweaty concrete wall, somewhere in the depths of the club. He pulled Ennis’ mouth down onto his and after that, Jack was lost. It was pure chemistry. He’d never felt anything like this before, which was saying something as Jack had kissed a lot of people. His entire world was focused on the person in front of him and he no longer cared if anyone saw them or not.

Ennis’ tongue swirled around the inside of his mouth, warm and slick and Jack wanted to crawl up inside him. He couldn’t get close enough. He bit down on Ennis’ lower lip and sucked hungrily, his own tongue jabbing back at Ennis, fucking his mouth as his hands threaded through Ennis’ hair, not letting him move an inch. Ennis rocked his hips against Jack and growled deep in his chest. The animalistic noise almost set Jack off, and he wrenched a hand from Ennis’ hair to thrust it down deep into Ennis’ baggy jeans. Ennis’ dick surged into his hand immediately, hot and heavy. Ennis made that noise again and wrestled the front of Jack’s jeans open, pulling Jack’s dick free to grasp it tightly in his hand. Jack shuddered and started to jerk Ennis off. He wanted to go slow, to make it last, to make this an encounter to remember, but he couldn’t stop himself. It felt just too damn good. His right hand moved rhythmically and he clutched Ennis close with his other, breathing heavily through his nose as they kissed over and over. Jack knew he was going to explode and made a little distressed sound that it was over so quickly. He erupted into Ennis’ fist, but didn’t have time to do much more as Ennis burst wetly into his own hand. Ennis wrenched his mouth away and panted into Jack’s neck. Jack could feel the dampness of Ennis’ breath and the thumping of his heart as it pounded against him. Jesus Christ, that had been amazing.

After a few moments, Ennis slowly peeled himself away, eyes never leaving Jack’s face. He smiled and reached behind Jack to pull some paper towels off a shelf, offering a wad to Jack. Jack glanced around and figured they were in a kind of dressing room or large closet somewhere. Not that he really cared where he was, but with sanity returning he thanked god that they were still alone.

Clean up done, they straightened their clothes and look at each other silently and a touch awkwardly. Jack didn’t know what to say, not that Ennis would understand him anyway. Jack smiled and held out his arms, Ennis smiled back and walked into the embrace. Jack hugged him tightly and stroked his back.

Ennis smoothed his fingers along Jack’s jaw, lifting his chin to look into his eyes. He muttered something that sounded like “grassy weed”.

Jack shook his head with a grin and ran a finger over Ennis’ lips, “Damn, you’re so beautiful, you know that? Corny, but true. Beautiful.”

Ennis kissed Jack’s fingers gently and led him out of their little room, back into the club.

Jack went reluctantly. He hovered close to Ennis for a while and they shared a few cigarettes together, casually brushing arms and hands as they smoked. Jack wanted to stay, but he knew he couldn’t. It wasn’t like he could do much else; not like they could have a nice post-coital chat or bond over a couple of beers. He’d love nothing more than to take Ennis back to his hotel room and spend the night bouncing on the bed together, but he knew he’d be digging himself into a painful hole if he did. Plus he did have to catch an early flight home. And he hadn’t packed yet. Life was pretty unfair sometimes.

Jack ground out his last cigarette and turned to face Ennis. “Look, I have to go.” Jack said, pointing to himself then to the door. “Go. It’s not that I want to, but hell you know? That’s how it is.”

Ennis watched him intently and nodded. It seemed like he understood. He reached out to grab the front of Jack’s shirt, pulling him close for a quick final kiss.

Jack felt himself melting again, the heat of Ennis’ body pulsing through his own. He tried not to feel too depressed. This all felt so wrong. Leaving Ennis here like this. This was something special, he knew it. But what could he do? He wondered at the irony of meeting someone who totally rocked his world – on the other side of the world.


Six weeks later, back in his own apartment, Jack had awoken unusually early one morning. The night had been filled with dark, erotic dreams; as had pretty much every night since he’d returned home. His body was tired and his heart ached for something that he couldn’t quite describe.

Shuffling to the kitchen, Jack flipped open his laptop and began preparing a leisurely breakfast of coffee and bagels. He browsed his emails and half-heartedly clicked over to Facebook to see what exploits his crazy assed friends might be up to. There was another half naked picture of Randy, dancing on a table top with some hot twink. No surprises there.

Jack shook his head with amusement and was about to shut the laptop down when a tiny picture on the right hand side caught his attention.

‘People you might know: Ennis Dmitriev-Maier’

His heart stuttered and he leaned closer, expanding the screen to make the picture bigger.

Holy shit. It was him.


From the nightclub in Moscow. As if he could forget.

‘One friend in common’

Jack clicked on the link curiously. Anja Petrova. Of course. One of the models he had worked with over there. His hand hovered over Ennis’ picture and he had to stop himself from stroking the screen. Could he? Did he want to know if Ennis remembered him? It wasn’t like they had exchanged numbers – or even talked.

He clicked on the photo to see what information he could find on the hot Russian guy who had failed to leave his head and still haunted his dreams at night.

Ennis clearly believed in keeping himself private and the only detail Jack could uncover was that Ennis worked at the same model agency as Anja. A model, huh? Well that explained the scorching hot body and casual attitude. Damn.

Jack paused again – hovering above the ‘Add friend’ button. Could he?

Fuck it. He lived half a world and an ocean away – not to mention the language barrier. What did he have to lose? He clicked the friend request button and quickly shut down the laptop before he could change his mind.

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