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Summary - Modern day AU/AU. Jack is a fashion stylist and meets Ennis one night in a club.

Length - c1,000 words.
Feedback - yes please!
Big thanks - to the wonderful [ profile] sandscrit for the beta.

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Jack has just learned that some of the models he knows in Russia are coming to NYC for Fashion Week...

Part 4

Damn Logan and the gossipy world of fashion. Now Jack could think of nothing else. Was there even the remotest chance that Ennis would be in New York for Fashion Week? Could he really be that lucky? Only one way to find out.

As soon as he got home that night, Jack grabbed his laptop and dropped onto the couch. He opened up Facebook and clicked on Ennis’ profile. His status update had something written in Russian and Jack was very tempted to try and translate it. Fuck it, why the hell not? Ennis had done the same with him. He opened Google Translate.

‘One of those days. Anyone got a drink?’

Yeah, he guessed that sounded about right. He felt compelled to leave a comment, so did.

‘I have beer. Whiskey too ☺’

Ennis wasn’t online so there didn’t seem to be much point in hanging around. Jack longed to ask him if he were coming over to the US, but he’d much prefer to do it face-to-face, so to speak.

He grabbed a glass of whiskey and took it into the bathroom, intending to have a nice hot bath and relax. So if he took his laptop in too and propped it open on top of the toilet seat, who would know?

He didn’t have too long to wait. A few minutes after Jack had slid beneath the hot fragrant bubbles, he heard a ‘ping’.

‘Ennis Dmitriev-Maier likes your comment’

Ennis was online.

Jack sat up and twisted around to dry his hands. He leaned out of the bath to type a message.


A few moment later Ennis replied. “Hi Jack.”

“How are you?”

“Ok. Tired. Work hard.”

“Sorry. If you were here we could share a beer.”

“I would like that.”

“Me too.” Jack paused. “Do you travel with work?” Yeah, it wasn’t subtle, but what the hell.


“New York?”

“Maybe soon.”

That sounded promising. Jack smiled and wriggled a little, remembering their encounter. The warm water of the bath swirled around, caressing his mid-section.

“Where are you?” Jack typed.

“Home. In bed.”

Again? The guy was always in bed. Mmm, such a nice vision though that Jack couldn’t complain.

“It is very early.” Ennis continued. “You?”

“In the bath,” Jack typed with a smile. He was intrigued to see what Ennis made of that.






Another pause. Jack wished he could see Ennis’ face, see his reaction, anything.


Jack laughed and slid further down into the water, one hand moving to stroke his slowly stiffening cock. “Wish you were here,” he typed slowly, one-handed.

“Me too.”

Oh boy, the thought of having a bath with Ennis blew his mind. That perfect body all hard and wet. Sliding against his. Soft bubbles caressing warm skin.

“Maybe one day.” Jack replied.

“Yes. I wish… I must go. Work.”

“Sure. Talk soon?”


“Bye.” Jack signed off and closed down his laptop.

He leaned his head back against the edge of the bath and let his other hand slide down his chest, teasing at his nipples. Talking to Ennis, even via messages, had gotten him incredible aroused. Just the fact that Ennis and he had shared a moment in time together, thinking about each other, was enough. Jacking off alone in the bath was something he hardly ever did, but for Ennis he would make an exception. This time.


Two more weeks passed with no further correspondence from Ennis. Jack was as frustrated as hell and also working crazy hours, which meant he didn’t get much time online. One morning he discovered his laptop had got a virus.

“Fucking stupid thing!” Jack yelled and wrestled the lead out of the back, sorely tempted to throw the whole lot out of his fourth story window. The satisfaction of seeing it smash into a million pieces would be short lived, but oh so worth it.

Thank god he still had his crappy old cellphone as being out of touch with the electronic world would kill him.

He tugged on the skinny jeans he had been wearing the previous night and dumped everything computer related into a backpack. He headed for the nearest computer store, hoping to find some computer geek to help solve his problems. He could feel a headache coming on.


“I have a virus,” Jack said as calmly as he could, placing the laptop on the counter.

“Ok.” The trendy blonde girl turned and screeched over her shoulder. “Brian! One for you.”

Jack hopped from foot to foot, hoping that this Brian guy was the answer to his prayers. He flicked open his phone, checking for any messages.


The quiet voice took Jack by surprise. It came from a thin strip of a guy who couldn’t have been more than eighteen. Damn it but everyone looked so young these days.

“Yes?” Jack replied.

“I… I’m Brian.” The boy blinked nervously and swept his horizontal black bangs behind an ear. “Can I help you?”

“Virus,” Jack said, pushing the laptop at him. “Can you fix it?”

“Maybe.” Brian flipped it open and looked at Jack again, his cheeks flushing a little. “Can you tell me what happened?”

Jack told him as best he could. Brian did his thing, clicking away and typing stuff that looked like Martian – or Russian – to Jack’s eye.

“Can you leave it here?” Brian asked after a while. “This may take a long time.”

“How long?”

“Uh... maybe an hour or two?”

“Sure.” Jack nodded. He could always use a coffee and a walk. Anything to clear his head. He turned to go and then something struck him – fuck! How could he have forgotten? “Um… are you going to check all of my files?”

“Maybe. Depends where the virus is.”


“You… er… might want to avoid any files that have the word ‘skin’ in the name.”

“Skin?” Brian asked in confusion.

“Yeah, you know…” Jack wiggled an eyebrow suggestively.

“Skin? - Oh!” Brian’s eyes dropped to Jack’s groin and he flushed a deeper shade of red. “Er... that’s ok… I’ll try to look... not look that is. But it’s ok.”

Jack grinned and winked before he left. Kid was cute and he might have pursued something in the past, but in reality Brian was way too young. Besides, brunets weren’t his thing any more. Nothing was his thing. Nothing here anyway.

Entering Starbucks, Jack ordered a triple espresso and sat down by the window, checking his phone one more. He set his mug down and relaxed back into the chair. It was only then that he noticed the sexy red-headed girl who had been waiting in line a few people behind him.

Anja Petrova.

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