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Summary - Modern day AU/AU. Jack is a fashion stylist and meets Ennis one night in a club.

Length - c1,200 words. Part 6 of around 7 (ish) ...
Feedback - yes please!
Big hugs to the wonderful [ profile] sandscrit for the beta :)

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Anja invited Jack to a club and he has just laid eyes on Ennis for the first time in weeks...

From Russia With Love

Part 6

Oh boy, Ennis looked good enough to eat.

Jack’s gaze swept over him, taking in the dark colored shirt and pale jeans, returning to his face to find Ennis watching him in amusement.

Jack couldn’t help himself. He had to touch Ennis to check he was real. He raised his arm and ran his fingers gently along Ennis’ jaw, the blond stubble grazing his skin. Ennis was real alright. Real and still more gorgeous than anything Jack had ever seen.

Ennis smiled and grasped at Jack’s hand to pull him into a hug. As Jack enveloped Ennis tightly into his arms, everything else disappeared. The music, the smoke, the crowds and the club all disappeared. It was just the two of them. They could have been anywhere; a club, an alley, a mountaintop. He didn’t care. He closed his eyes and breathed in Ennis’ scent. He couldn’t believe he had missed this guy so much, considering that they hardly knew each other. Ennis was squeezing him back just as hard and Jack was stunned by the emotions he felt welling up. He could feel his eyes start to sting and buried his face into Ennis’ shoulder. Goddamn it but he wouldn’t make a scene like a hormonal teenager.

Ennis gradually pulled back out of the embrace, his eyes on Jack’s face. He gently ran a thumb under one of Jack’s eyes. “Hi Jack,” he said in heavily accented English, his voice low, raspy and very, very sexy.

“Hi,” Jack croaked.

Ennis smiled again and tugged at the hand he was still holding. Jack followed obediently and was overcome with a feeling of déjà vu as Ennis led them out into a dark hallway. Jack looked back and saw Anja waving at them with a grin. Jack blew her a kiss and stumbled after Ennis.

Jack was aware of a door opening and closing before Ennis launched himself at him. Jack’s back slammed into cool bathroom tiles, but once again he didn’t care as Ennis pinned him to the wall and attacked his mouth with fervor.

It was better than Jack remembered, which was saying something. The passion and heat of the kiss escalated off the charts and Jack could only cling on and enjoy the ride. Ennis’ hands were everywhere, stroking, squeezing and his lips devoured Jack’s mouth. Hot, wet and addictive. Jack moaned and pulled Ennis tighter against him grinding his groin into Ennis’ and rocking slowly back and forth, the friction of denim on denim wasn’t as good as being naked, but it was damn close. Ennis wedged a knee in between Jack’s legs and began humping him harder, riding his thigh, sliding himself against Jack’s crotch. Jack knew he was going to explode again and really didn’t want to do it in a dingy bathroom. He wanted more.

“Wait,” he mumbled against Ennis’ mouth, closing his eyes as Ennis bit on his lower lip, trying to get him to kiss again.

Jack wriggled one hand up between them and rested it on Ennis’ chest pushing him away slightly, holding up a finger. “Wait. Please.”

Ennis dropped his forehead onto Jack’s shoulder and Jack could feel the shuddering breaths leaving Ennis’ body as he tried to control himself.

Jack combed his fingers through Ennis’ hair and tugged slightly, so that Ennis was looking at him. Ennis’ coffee brown eyes were glazed with lust and it took all of Jack’s self control to not just give up and hump him right there on the bathroom floor.

“Let’s get outta here,” Jack said. He pointed at himself, Ennis, then jerked a thumb at the door.

He figured that Ennis understood, as he nodded. Ennis then gripped the front of Jack’s shirt tightly, pulled Jack away from the wall and pushed him out of the door.

Jack waved at Anja as they threaded their way through the crowds. She shouted something at Ennis, something suggestive no doubt. Ennis laughed and saluted to her as they moved out of sight, searching for the exit.

They burst out of the door and into the balmy night air and Jack took a moment to stop and really look at Ennis. He looked different, all lit up under the streetlights and neon glow of the club sign. Younger, more attainable, more real. As Jack only lived a couple of blocks away, he wanted Ennis in his bed. Right now. He crooked his finger at Ennis suggestively and wiggled his eyebrows.

Ennis smiled again and Jack saw it properly for the first time. It lit up his whole face, the way Ennis’ eyes creased and the way his cheeks dimpled. Jack felt the bottom fall out of his stomach and in that moment he knew. He had fallen in love. How crazy was that?

Ennis gestured with his hand in the universal sign for “lead the way” and that’s exactly what Jack did.

They kissed in the shadows as Jack opened the door to his apartment block. They kissed in the elevator and kissed again as Jack fumbled with the key to his door. Once inside, clothes flew everywhere and they were rolling naked on Jack’s bed in less than a minute.

Ennis surged above him, holding himself up on his arms, looking down into Jack’s face. Jack hooked his legs around Ennis’ waist and smoothed his palms up Ennis’ back. “Please don’t wait.” He panted, “I want you so much. Please.” He reached sideways and fumbled for a condom out of his bedside table. He handed it over and Ennis prepared himself, his eyes never leaving Jack’s face. He dropped back down again and Jack grasped him even tighter between his legs, urging Ennis on. At the first push against his ass, Jack heard Ennis whisper something against his ear. He didn’t have a clue what he was saying, but it sounded so goddamned sexy that he really didn’t care.

He wanted Ennis. Ennis wanted him. In the grand scheme of things that was all that mattered.

They rocked backwards and forwards, Ennis slowly easing himself in. Jack was so far gone he couldn’t have said what day of the week it was. He was only aware of the amazing guy who was sliding into his body. Teasing, tormenting, not giving him quite enough to get off. Jack strained upwards, wanting more, more, more. This all felt so fucking perfect that he knew he was a lost cause. Ennis had his heart as well as his body. Now and forever.

Ennis’ control finally snapped and he rutted into Jack frantically. Panting something like “ah borja” over and over.

“Oh fuck… fuck… shit.” Jack gasped as his orgasm welled up and the intensity almost scared him. It was almost more than he could take. His entire body spasmed as it ripped out of him, shooting string after string of hot wetness between them.

Ennis grunted above him and Jack could do nothing more but hold on as Ennis rode the crest of his own wave before collapsing on top of Jack with a strangled moan.

Jack wrapped him up in his arms and neither of them said anything for the next five hours.


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