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Genre: Modern day AU/AU. Fluffy fun with no angst. Ennis and Jack meet when Jack goes into a store to buy a phone for his mother. His mother insists on playing cupid (and embarrassing Jack no end in the process)

Words: c1000
Warnings: None
Comments: Yes please!!


The following weekend my mom gave me the perfect excuse to return to the store, when she dropped her phone on the floor in Macy’s and smashed a corner off the cover.

I picked it up and ran my finger over the jagged edge.

My mom leaned into my shoulder. “Oh dear, how silly of me. Go and see Ennis, he’ll help you out.” She gazed around the store, “I’ll meet you later… in lingerie.”

I rolled my eyes and pocketed the phone as my mom headed towards the escalators. She’d be hours poking about in all that lace and frilly stuff.

I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t thought about Ennis at least fifty times a day since last weekend. The business card sat on my bedside table and I’d considered texting him a billion times, but didn’t have the nerve. I had to wonder if I was reading more into our little exchange than had actually been there.

My heart sped up as I turned the corner next to the phone store. I immediately saw Ennis inside, helping a customer. I closed my eyes and told myself to calm down. This was plain stupid. The guy probably wouldn’t even remember me.

I was wrong.

Ennis saw me the second I stepped into the store. He couldn’t approach me as he was still dealing with the previous customer, but his eyes followed me around as I pretended to look at all of the displays. I turned my back so as not to disturb him too much. A few moments later I felt a presence behind me and knew at once that Ennis was there.

“Hi Jack,” he said. “Can I help you?”

I felt that sexy rumble all the way down my spine. I turned to face him. He was struggling to look me in the face and was definitely blushing. I knew the feeling.

“Hey. Uh... yeah. My mom dropped it.” I held the iPhone up to show him. “She needs a new cover.”

“Sure.” Ennis nodded. “Same one again?”

“I don’t know… I guess so… she didn’t say.”

“Come with me, let’s take a look.”

I followed Ennis back over to his desk. He sat down and pulled out a box of phone covers.

“How about this one?” He handed me a pink one with sparkly polka dots on it.

It’s wasn’t quite the same as before - a bit brighter than the last one, but I figured it would do. It was only a cover after all and would probably last about a month, knowing my mom.

“Yeah. That’s good,” I said. I dug into the tight pocket of my jeans and handed my credit card over to Ennis.

Ennis smiled and rang up the sale, dropping the new cover into a bag for me. He automatically reached up to the pocket in his shirt to pull out a business card. He hesitated for a moment, catching my eye as he dropped it into the bag too. “Um… just in case you need to call. Ok?”

I should have told him that I didn’t need it, that the one from last week was still burning a hole on my bedside table, getting dog-eared around the edges where I had fingered it so much. But I didn’t.

“Thanks.” I took the bag and pulled out the card, looking over it again before sliding it into the back pocket of my jeans.

Ennis watched my movements like a hawk, his eyes lingering on my ass.

I wanted to say more, but didn’t. For some reason he made me edgy and nervous and I couldn’t find the words I wanted to say. Maybe he was just being polite and I was building this up to be more than what it was? Maybe he flirted with all of the people he sold phones to? Great sales technique that would be - I’d buy anything off this guy.

Ennis was watching me expectantly and I realized I had been staring at him in a stupor. Nice one, Jack. “I… uh… I’d better get going, I guess.”


“Thanks again.”

“Any time,” Ennis said faintly as he shoved his hands into his pockets and watched me leave the store.


“Did you get it?” my mom’s face lit up as I found her browsing the panty isle, numerous scraps of material dangling across her arm.

“Mom, are you really going to buy all that?” I gestured at her clothes mountain.

She looked down at the lingerie and shrugged, “why not? I have to wear something, don’t I?”

I shuddered, not wanting to think of my mom in underwear. Who does?

“So, did you get it? Did you see him?” My mom repeated.

I showed her the bag from Ennis’ store. “Yeah.”


“And nothing. He sold me a cover and I left. End of story.”

“Oh, Jack,” she sighed. “Didn’t you ask him out?”

“Me? Well no. He might not be single, Mom. He might not even like me.”

She gave me a look and then turned away, muttering to herself. I struggled to hear what she said although I’m sure I caught the words “blind” and “stupid”.

Ok, so maybe I’m stupid sometimes, but I’m sure not blind. I knew that Ennis was a god in a blue shirt, but that didn’t mean I could hit on him while he worked. I just needed the perfect time – and perfect excuse – to get in touch.

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