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Genre: Modern day AU/AU. Fluffy fun with no angst. Ennis and Jack meet when Jack goes into a store to buy a phone for his mother. His mother insists on playing cupid (and embarrassing Jack no end in the process)

Words: c1000
Warnings: None
Comments: Yes please!!

NOTE - I have been meaning to apologise for the lack of Beta on this story. I got lazy and posted last minute for the Challenge, so if you spot any errors/inconsistencies do let me know - as it's all my own fault!!


One week later and I still hadn’t found the perfect time. I now had two business cards sat next to my bed, mocking me in my inability to act.

Why was I being such a coward? It wasn’t like I’d never asked a guy out before – once I’d ascertained that he was gay of course. There was that one uncomfortable incident with the wide receiver in high school… but yeah… not my problem that he was so far in the closet he was in freaking Narnia. Anyway.

My mom wanted to go to the Mall as usual on Saturday morning. I had a feeling that she had a plan brewing and I wasn’t wrong.

We were having a post-lunch coffee in Starbucks when she decided to drop her bombshell.

“I think I need one of those wire thingies.”

I looked up from my coffee and blinked. “A what?”

“A wire thingy. Look.” She gestured to a girl behind me who had a hands-free wire attached to her cell phone, one end stuck in her ear.

Oh crap, I could see where this was going.

“Mom. What the hell do you want with one of those?”

“Jack, don’t swear,” she replied automatically. “But yes, a wire thingy. They must be so useful. Think about it, I wouldn’t have to hold my phone when I call you. I could cook and talk at the same time. Beryl down the road has one– ”

“–Beryl is practically deaf–”

“–and she swears by it. Yes, I think I need one. Can you go and get me one? I don’t even know what they’re called.”

“It’s a hands-free device.”

“See? I knew you’d know. Now off you go. I’ll be in Sears. I need some new muffin trays.”

And with that my mom up and left, not before I’d seen the twitch of her mouth as she tried to stop a smile.


I hovered outside of the phone store for a good minute before I went in. It wasn’t that I was nervous about seeing Ennis, I just didn’t want him to think I didn’t like him – or worse, that I was stalking him. Which I was, in a way.

Once again Ennis saw me immediately, his face lighting up as his eyes found mine. I swallowed around the lump in my throat and pushed my hands deep into the pockets of my artfully distressed jeans.

“Hi Ennis,” I said.

“Hey, Jack. How are you?”

Goddamn it that blue shirt was still awful, but the body wearing it was as sexy as hell. Ennis’ brown eyes sparkled as he looked at me, the dimples flashing in his cheeks made me want reach out and stroke his perfect face. I pushed my hands further into my jean pockets. “Hi… uh… yeah, I’m great. Thanks.”

We stood looking at each other for a moment, before Ennis dropped his gaze and scrubbed his hand across his head. “So… can I help you?”

“Oh! Yeah, it’s my mom. Again. She wants a hands-free ‘thingy’ as she calls it.”

Ennis grinned, “a hands-free thingy? Uh huh. I’m sure we have one of those somewhere.”

I followed him over to his desk and he pulled out a drawer, searching through the packets inside. I knew this was my chance. I had to start something. Get him talking.

“So, you live around here?” I said.

Ennis looked up, his eyes flicking over my face. “Yeah. You?”

“Yeah. Still live at home, but only for a few more months ‘til I can save enough to move out. You got your own place?“

Ennis nodded. “Uh huh.” He had stopped rummaging in the drawer and was giving me his full attention. His eyes moving from my mouth, to my eyes, then back to my mouth.

“Nice.” I nodded wistfully.

Ennis smiled again and flashed me those dimples that sent heat spiralling to my groin. “Yes, it is.”

I smiled back and we sat there smiling at each other like two idiots. The phone on his desk rang and made us both jump.

“Uh… I got to get this. One moment.” Ennis picked up and talked to someone about a clause in their contract. I tried not to listen, but was very aware of Ennis watching me as he spoke, his deep drawl doing unmentionable things to my insides. He grabbed a packet from the drawer and slid it across the desk to me. It was a hands-free wire just like the one my mom had seen. Perfect.

I passed him my credit card and he picked it up and turned it around in his fingers while he finished the call and hung up the phone. I don’t know why I found that erotic, but I did. Watching him play with that bit of plastic, his long fingers stroking over the bumpy numbers and along the sharp edges. It turned me on. I shifted uncomfortably in my chair as Ennis rang up the bill.

“Here.” He gave me the hands-free device. “Thanks. You want a bag?”

I shook my head. “That’s great as it is.” I knew I couldn’t linger, the store was busy and he’d be needed again soon. I could already see people waiting for assistance.

Ennis stood and walked around the desk to stand next to me. With me sitting on the trendy stool, my eyes were level with his chest. I had to look up to see his face. My legs were splayed and he stood close enough to brush against one knee. I wanted to wrap my legs around him and haul him in to me, but knew that would be highly inappropriate. Not the time or the place.

Ennis looked down at me, his dark eyes saying things that his mouth couldn’t. He dug into his shirt pocket and once again handed me a business card. “Call me, if you need anything. Please,” he added huskily.

His meaning was obvious. I bit my lip to hide a smile and slowly slid off the stool, deliberately brushing my knee down Ennis’ leg as I did.

“Thanks, Ennis. I will.”

And this time I knew I would.

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