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For the June challenge on bmm-drabbles 'Take your fandom to work'.

Summary - Modern day AU/AU. Ennis, Jack, kids, a playground... I am currently a stay-at-home-mom so this scenario is based on a setting I know all too well :)

Warnings - none
Length - 400 words
Feedback - please!

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Summary - Oneshot from the Four-Two Offense universe. A few thoughts from evil!Ennis :)

Modern day AU/AU. Ennis and Jack met on the varsity volleyball team at high school. It was hate at first sight, or so it may seem...

Warnings - none
Length - 450 words

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AU/AU. A little bit of childhood nostalgia featuring our Jack and Ennis...

Warnings - none
Length - 1,800 words
Thanks - to [ profile] hesamathgeek for the beta :)

Note - I actually started two other stories for this challenge, but this is the one that appeared randomly. It popped out after playing around on Youtube and watching the intro to kids' TV show Huckleberry Finn.

Think of Jack and Ennis as Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn respectively, with a bit of Anne of Green Gables thrown in for good measure!

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This is a little something I wrote for the Halloween Spooky Challenge on BMM Drabbles recently :)

Thanks to everyone who read and left comments, I appreciate each and every one!

Summary - Modern day AU/AU
Length - 2,100 words
Warnings - none (apart from the spooky stuff...)

A big thanks as always to [ profile] hesamathgeek for the fab beta work and ongoing support. Hugs!

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Summary - Modern day AU/AU told from Ennis' POV (c4,000 words). No sad endings here :D
Warnings - some m/m interaction.
Feedback - you bet!

This is something I started months ago. It might have originally been inspired by Sienna's "Looking Back" (I can't actually remember), but hey, credit where credit's due!

A big thanks as always to the fantastic beta services of [ profile] hesamathgeek. Hugs!

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Here's my entry for the recent Choc Fest Challenge on DCF. In was in the longer fic category and is an AU/AU of around 1700 words.

Many thanks to everyone who read it and left comments - and for the two who voted for it (I already know who one was as she pm'd me...) big hugs and smoochies!!!

I've also added some pics that didn't appear on the original entry :))

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Title - Lucky Strike. Approx 3200 words.
Warnings - ** no kinks, some m/m action in a car.
Summary - Jack and Ennis are college students and have an unusual encounter at a bowling alley...
A/N - Anyone who has watched 'Grease 2' might recognise a scene or two in this. I hope it works ok!

Thanks to everyone who left comments after my first Lovefest entry - I appreciate each and every one!

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Title - King of the Castle. Approx 3000 words.
Warnings - ** no kinks, some m/m action and sexy moves...
Summary - Jack is a dancer in a nightclub and Ennis is (reluctantly) out on a stag night - or bachelor party, depending on where you're from...
A/N - My first ever BBM fic, so please go gentle on me! The inspiration for this story came from two lovely guys I used to live next door to. This is basically how they met. Four years on they still live together and plan to get married this summer. ColP and ColB - this is for you.

Thanks to Lolitaray and Sienna for encouraging us newbies to 'have a go'!

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